Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#weddingwednesday The Music

Music is such a personal and important part of your wedding day. Champ and I collaborated on most of the musical choices, but I loved how much they meant to us - even if everyone else paid no mind. Here's some highlights: 

Champ Processional: "Soul Man" The Blues Brothers
Yes, that happened. He wanted a processional song, and this was what he chose. 

#teamwags Processional: "First Day of My Life" Bright Eyes
From the first time I heard this song, I knew I wanted it played at my wedding. I had each of the girls hold a frame that told an important event in our love story, so this felt like the perfect accompaniment. 
Bride Processional: "American Beauty" Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. 
This was one of the only surprises that I had from Champ and things (besides my dress) that I chose without his input. It was a really tough choice with a lot of directions I could've gone. This one felt perfect and it was.
Recessional: "Alive" Empire of the Sun. 
After being pronounced husband and wife, this was the song we chose to strut out to (while getting pelted with paper airplanes). If you ask either of us now, this is what we would consider our song. 
First Dance: "Flowers in Your Hair" Lumineers
We didn't want the typical everyone-stand-around-and-watch type of first dance so I let Champ pick the song and we decided to just have fun with it, invite everyone to join us and get the boogie-ing started. 
Mother-Son Dance: "The Way You Look Tonight" Frank Sinatra
A classic song for a light-hearted but very special dance shared with Mama Champ. 
Father-Daughter Dance: "Your Joy" Chrisette Michele
This song was the idea of my sister, Lizzy. The words make me cry everytime I hear them (including during the very special dance with Bobby Dub). Perfection. 
Last Song of the Night: "Turn Down for What" DJ Snake, Lil Jon
...because Journey and Ke$ha were the only two things on the "do not play" list

Sparkler Exit: "You Always Make Me Smile" Kyle Andrews

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beachbody Perk #4839: an Eastie Bestie

Beachbody's done a lot of things for me - it's helped me lose weight, gain confidence, eat healthier and live a more balanced lifestyle. As a coach I've passed that along and helped others do the same, as well as earning a supplemental income that allows me to travel and enjoy countless adventures with my husband, family, and friends.

But one thing that is often overlooked when people hear about Beachbody is the amazing relationships that come from getting involved. I became a coach to get a discount on my products, admittedly, but I found my passion when I plugged into the amazing people who were like-minded, motivated, and freaking fun. 

One of those people is Miss Jacqueline Beley - the coach formerly known as Lady Twerk. She is not only a phenomenal coach and successful girlboss, but she's an even better friend. I feel truly lucky that our paths converged at the Orlando airport where we were meeting for the first time, after interacting online for months. She was just as energetic, positive and freaking faboosh as her online persona had seemed. We became instant friends - since they we've had plenty of adventures together (thanks to Beachbody) - Cancun, New Orleans (twice),  DisneyWorld, Vegas (twice), and tomorrow we reconvene in Nashville. She came to Cali to be not only a bridesmaid but my hair and makeup artist for my wedding this Spring. I got to go see her in Philly during our minimoon, it was rad. In the coming year we already have plans for at least Jamaica, Haiti, and the Florida Keys. She's my Eastie Bestie - and I'm confident that our paths would've never crossed had it not been for Beachbody. 

So as I'm packing my bags to leave for Summit in Nashville tomorrow, where we'll be reunited, I can't help but feel both nostalgic and insanely blessed. Happy Birthday Jac - here's to as epic a celebration as you deserve with 24,999 of your closest friends. 

Friday, May 29, 2015


Welp, I'm married. What people said would be the "best day of my life" was. I couldn't have imagined how humbling and absolutely euphoric the weekend would be - I laughed, I cried, I danced and I'm fairly certain most of our guests did all of those things too. I can't wait to share more about it in the coming weeks (as photos, videos and memories trickle in).

Now to be honest, I didn't think anything would change once we tied the knot, considering we'd been living together for nearly 3 years already, but I was so wrong. I already feel such an amazing sense of giddyness, security and to be honest freedom - the latter mainly because there are no wedding "to do" lists that we're referencing daily or tasks hanging over our heads. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I could have loved planning the wedding more than I did - we worked with some of the most amazing vendors and I had an equally enthusiastic best friend (Champ) planning it with me. I actually feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have as much fun as we did. But it's a really refreshing feeling and I'm soaking it up.

So here I am, back on the blog... vowing #punintended to do a better job of posting and hopefully adding valuable content to your life and social media feed (or at least entertaining). Recipes, adventures, fitness, and hopefully plenty of ridiculous newlywed anecdotes - that's what you can expect.

I'll leave you with the 'First Glimpse' clip that our amazing videographer sent us. I've literally watched in a few dozen times and it hasn't gotten old. Enjoy!

More to come, Mrs. Champ

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let the Wedding Season Begin...

This past weekend I hopped on a plane and flew back to my hometown where I was treated to a wonderful shower thrown by my mom and sister. Even though I've attended my fair share of these events, being one of the few friends who didn't tie the knot during my twenties, but still had zero expectations for what it would include.

There were games: Date Jar, The infamous 'Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Dress' game, and What's in Your Purse? (where the winner scored a signed bottle of Vanderpump Sangris)
T crafted a ton of decorations, and even made freaking English Muffins from scratch. Together, they created an epic brunch feast of quiches, chocolate croissants, bagels, fruit salad, spinach dip, veggies, and I got to throw a spinach salad in the mix. The dessert bar had mini Nothing Bundt Cakes, Vosages truffles, and personalized M&Ms that were a fantastic surprise.
As a guest to showers in the past, I never realized how much it means to the Guest of Honor to have me there, but honestly each person that came filled my heart with so much warmth. In addition to their presence, guests brought a gift that fit the theme "Relax or Workout" which was SO perfect. I LOVED the variety of directions that people went with that theme - so much spandex! #fitlittlebride

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Time Has Come....

... to re-vamp "Ramblings of a Twenty Something" and bring this blog into my new decade of life: my 30's. 

I admittedly did a lackluster (read: non-existent) job of keeping my resolution of 'blogging more' in 2014. 

As the time comes for me to embark on some wild adventures, it seems like the perfect time to pick it back up - if for no other reason than to document my journey for memory's sake. Hoping some of you will be inspired, excited, or at least entertained.

So, without further ado... 
Submitted for the approval of the midnight society

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#weddingwednesday unBridesmaids

As the big day approaches, I want to give a ginormous preemptive 'thank you' to this group that includes some of the most amazingly supportive, generous, and not-to-mention beautiful ladies in my life. Picking a "bridal party" is never an easy task - so many wonderful women in my midst and it's impossible to include them all. But this group is full of talented ladies with whom I have amazing bonds and I'm seriously humbled by their enthusiasm on a daily basis. I couldn't ask for a better group of girls to be on this journey with. ‪#‎teamwags‬

Who was in your bridal party? Post a picture, tag 'em and leave them some kind words.. I bet they deserve another belated thank you anyway.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#weddingwednesday Ceremony

Let's talk about the ceremony... What'd yours include? Readings? Music? Traditions? Vows? Who officiated? And most importantly - how long was it???

  • Susan Osterbeck Punk covers of love songs...Make it original and unique to reflect your personalities and relationship.
  • Jeremy Turpen one of our good friends officiated. Get a friend to officiate if you can. It's really easy to get ordained online(i've done it and married two couples that are friends of mine, third one coming up in November) I think it can really make the ceremony...See More
  • Andy Mcdonald Redmon Ours will have awesome music, 2 songs sung live, my dad will officiate, written vows. Hoping to squeeze out 20-30 minutes. I saw a wedding the other day last under 5 minutes. I think they forgot to make a plan and it just happenened!
  • Vickie Wagenaar Jeremy Turpen AWESOME idea to have someone read them both!! #insync
  • Cassidy Sanderson We had an acoustic musician playing music as guests sat and then when the bridal party walked down. We had my uncle say a prayer. We did our own vows and had Kyle's uncle officiate. It was about 45 minutes. We did a sand ceremony also to represent no longer being an individual.
  • Jamie Morris We have a close mutual friend officiating who has been by our sides through our whole relationship. He advised against saying our own vows unless he read them he said A:he knows I can't handle it emotionally and B: most people end up a little disappoin...See More
  • Christina Jones Too long ago to even know!
  • Christine Sears Crane My uncle came out from Missouri to officiate my wedding and many many years earlier he was here to baptize me 
  • Brittney Schwarz Bridesmaids quartet, a beautiful day to remember is an album we found some music from! I would definitely listen to it. You can get it on iTunes
  • Shannon Drake Make sure you approved exactly what the officiate will say. DON'T let they wing it. I was at a wedding and the officiate went off book and started preaching and wasn't including what she wanted. She had to stop him in mid sentence and said its time to ...See More
  • Heather Zorn The best part about my wedding was that we had our good friendJeff Robinson officiate. It made it personable and special. I recommend getting someone you know.
  • Heather Zorn We didn't write "vows" but personal statements. Also highly recommended