Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beachbody Perk #4839: an Eastie Bestie

Beachbody's done a lot of things for me - it's helped me lose weight, gain confidence, eat healthier and live a more balanced lifestyle. As a coach I've passed that along and helped others do the same, as well as earning a supplemental income that allows me to travel and enjoy countless adventures with my husband, family, and friends.

But one thing that is often overlooked when people hear about Beachbody is the amazing relationships that come from getting involved. I became a coach to get a discount on my products, admittedly, but I found my passion when I plugged into the amazing people who were like-minded, motivated, and freaking fun. 

One of those people is Miss Jacqueline Beley - the coach formerly known as Lady Twerk. She is not only a phenomenal coach and successful girlboss, but she's an even better friend. I feel truly lucky that our paths converged at the Orlando airport where we were meeting for the first time, after interacting online for months. She was just as energetic, positive and freaking faboosh as her online persona had seemed. We became instant friends - since they we've had plenty of adventures together (thanks to Beachbody) - Cancun, New Orleans (twice),  DisneyWorld, Vegas (twice), and tomorrow we reconvene in Nashville. She came to Cali to be not only a bridesmaid but my hair and makeup artist for my wedding this Spring. I got to go see her in Philly during our minimoon, it was rad. In the coming year we already have plans for at least Jamaica, Haiti, and the Florida Keys. She's my Eastie Bestie - and I'm confident that our paths would've never crossed had it not been for Beachbody. 

So as I'm packing my bags to leave for Summit in Nashville tomorrow, where we'll be reunited, I can't help but feel both nostalgic and insanely blessed. Happy Birthday Jac - here's to as epic a celebration as you deserve with 24,999 of your closest friends.