Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#weddingwednesday Ceremony

Let's talk about the ceremony... What'd yours include? Readings? Music? Traditions? Vows? Who officiated? And most importantly - how long was it???

  • Susan Osterbeck Punk covers of love songs...Make it original and unique to reflect your personalities and relationship.
  • Jeremy Turpen one of our good friends officiated. Get a friend to officiate if you can. It's really easy to get ordained online(i've done it and married two couples that are friends of mine, third one coming up in November) I think it can really make the ceremony...See More
  • Andy Mcdonald Redmon Ours will have awesome music, 2 songs sung live, my dad will officiate, written vows. Hoping to squeeze out 20-30 minutes. I saw a wedding the other day last under 5 minutes. I think they forgot to make a plan and it just happenened!
  • Vickie Wagenaar Jeremy Turpen AWESOME idea to have someone read them both!! #insync
  • Cassidy Sanderson We had an acoustic musician playing music as guests sat and then when the bridal party walked down. We had my uncle say a prayer. We did our own vows and had Kyle's uncle officiate. It was about 45 minutes. We did a sand ceremony also to represent no longer being an individual.
  • Jamie Morris We have a close mutual friend officiating who has been by our sides through our whole relationship. He advised against saying our own vows unless he read them he said A:he knows I can't handle it emotionally and B: most people end up a little disappoin...See More
  • Christina Jones Too long ago to even know!
  • Christine Sears Crane My uncle came out from Missouri to officiate my wedding and many many years earlier he was here to baptize me 
  • Brittney Schwarz Bridesmaids quartet, a beautiful day to remember is an album we found some music from! I would definitely listen to it. You can get it on iTunes
  • Shannon Drake Make sure you approved exactly what the officiate will say. DON'T let they wing it. I was at a wedding and the officiate went off book and started preaching and wasn't including what she wanted. She had to stop him in mid sentence and said its time to ...See More
  • Heather Zorn The best part about my wedding was that we had our good friendJeff Robinson officiate. It made it personable and special. I recommend getting someone you know.
  • Heather Zorn We didn't write "vows" but personal statements. Also highly recommended

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